The investment you've put into a countertop is one that you'd like to maintain if at all possible. Fortunately, onsite countertop repair is frequently a viable option. Whether you have residential or commercial countertop repair needs, here are 5 things you should know about the chances of your project's success.

Previous Treatment

A major factor, especially with more expensive materials like granite and marble, is whether the countertop has been previously and properly treated. In many cases, a well-treated countertop merely needs a professional to carefully strip away the treatment layer. They can then apply a new layer of treatment product to provide renewed protection. Sometimes, damage like chips and dents can be fixed simply by filling them in.

Depth of Damage

One of the biggest factors is just how deeply the damage goes. For example, a quartz countertop that has been completely cracked may need to be replaced. Gouges in wood can get deep enough that sanding and treating it won't get the job done, either.

Stains can also run very deep. This is especially problematic for light colors and certain materials. A deep stain in white marble, for example, may be impossible for an onsite damaged countertop repair technician to fix, though they can often minimize its look. 

Laminate materials, on the other hand, can usually be repaired as long as the surface can be matched. In extreme cases, the entire surface might be redone. Deep damage can be fixed, and then a new layer of laminate will be applied. Refinishing products are also available to deal with lighter damage.

Type of Countertop

Some kinds of countertops are very easy to repair. A technician handling work on a tile countertop, for example, won't hesitate to pull up tiles, replace them, and install new grout. On the other hand, a multi-prong crack in a single-piece, highly customized granite countertop could require extensive skill and resources to fix.


Not every crack is a death sentence for a countertop. Especially if the color and pattern of the surface can be matched with epoxy, it may be possible to fill the crack. Depending on the type of surface in use, the top will then be sanded or polished. A technician might also apply a layer of treatment for added protection.

For more information about countertop damage and countertop repairs, contact a professional who provides onsite damaged countertop repair in your area.