Your home's foundation is very important to its integrity. While the foundation is very strong, there are still a lot of things that can cause it to become damaged. Just some of the things that can end up damaging the foundation include earthquakes, bad drainage systems in the yard, and various types of weather conditions. Once you find you that you have damage to your home's foundation, then you are going to want to be sure to have it repaired as quickly as you are able to. Here are some of the problems that you can face if you don't end up having foundation issues taken care of while they are still minor:

The foundation can sink and cause house damage

One of the first signs of damage you may see happening to the foundation is that it is sinking further into the ground. This happens because changes that happen to the ground under the foundation happen over time due to things like:

  • Soil swelling
  • Ground freezing
  • Soil shrinking
  • Ground shifting

 Your home can start to give you signs of this damage that aren't always subtle. You might start to feel the flooring sinking inside your house. You may also notice that there are doors in the home where the frames are starting to become crooked and the doors may become harder for you to shut. Developing cracks around the door frames and the frames of windows is another sign. If you act fast, you can pursue foundation repair before more of these types of damages happen and before more work needs to be put into the repairing of your house.

The plumbing system can be affected

Once you start to have issues with the foundation, it can directly result in you having problems with your plumbing system. In certain types of homes, the plumbing can be laid in a way that causes it to go through parts of the foundation as the pipes make their way through the home. Once you understand this, it is easy to understand how damages and sinking to the foundation can mean huge plumbing issues for you. In fact, you will be at a big risk of dealing with burst pipes that can cause a lot of water damage.

Mold can become a problem

If you allow damages in the foundation to continue without taking care of them, then you will be putting yourself at risk of dealing with mold issues. The mold can grow so it deteriorates the beams of your home. It can spread to many areas and cause both financial and potential health problems for you.