It's a shock to walk in your laundry room and find your washing machine gushing water all over the floor. If the leak has been going on for several minutes, you could be dealing with a small flood that's spreading to other rooms in your home. You might think you're just dealing with a major annoyance, but the condition is more serious since all that water could damage your home. When you're in a situation like this, call a water damage restoration company for help. Here's why professional help is needed.

Water Can Roll A Far Distance

Depending on how the laundry room is built, water might roll behind the walls or under flooring to another room in the house, such as a bedroom that has carpeting. One thing a water damage professional does is determine the extent of the problem.

You might dry up the laundry room floor and assume the worst is over when there is still hidden water that's causing damage and encouraging mold to grow.

Mold Starts Growing Fast

It's bad enough that water can damage the structure of your home and your belongings, but unfortunately, a damp environment also encourages mold to grow. Mold could start growing in just a few days in areas that remain damp after you've attempted to dry out the laundry room yourself.

Since drywall absorbs moisture, it may not be possible to dry it well enough to prevent mold. Mold can grow behind the walls or under carpet in the next room. When you work with a water damage restoration professional, they make sure your home is completely dry so mold won't be a problem in the coming days or weeks.

Drying Equipment Is Needed

You may not have the equipment needed to dry your home. A restoration crew can supply a variety of equipment and multiple dryers so your house is dried out fast. Speed is important when your home is flooded with water, so the more equipment you can put on the problem, the better.

The company may bring in water extractors, floor dryers, and dehumidifiers so water is pulled out of building materials and pulled from the air.

Restoration Work May Be Needed

You may be surprised at the amount of damage caused by an overflowing washing machine. You might need to have flooring replaced, carpet torn up, and drywall replaced. A water damage restoration company will pull out water damaged materials and replace them so your home looks just as good as it did before the plumbing disaster occurred.

If you have a leak in your home of any kind, contact a water damage restoration company near you.