Discovering that your home's roof has suffered serious damage can be an alarming realization. Unfortunately, homeowners who underestimate some of the problems that the roof experiences may be poorly suited to handle these problems once they start to develop.

Visible Streaks Forming

Streaks forming on the exterior of the roof can be a problem that older roofs will often encounter. In addition to ruining the aesthetic of the house, these streaks could also indicate that the shingles are approaching the end of their lifespan and may need to be replaced. Compromising the appearance of the home will not be the only problem that this could cause. For example, these streaks may also indicate areas where the protection of the roof is not as good as it should be. Therefore, the roof can be more prone to suffering water damage or other serious problems. Typically, a roof that has started to streak will benefit from being completely replaced, but it may be possible to perform a spot repair of the impacted areas. However, the roof may still need to undergo a full replacement in the near future.

Gaps Forming Along The Base Of The Roof

Over time, the shape and size of your roof can actually change. This can be due to the materials that were used in it contracting or warping over time. Regrettably, this can lead to gaps developing along the sides of the roof. Homeowners will often fail to notice this problem developing with their roofs, but it can still be a source of numerous problems. In addition to the risk of structural damage occurring due to these gaps, these gaps can also reduce energy efficiency by allowing warm air into the home or letting the air conditioning escape. It may be possible to correct this problem by applying a patch over the gaps that have been formed. Yet, this may not always be an option if the warping or shrinking is particularly severe. A thorough inspection by a professional roofing repair service will be needed to assess the scope of the issue as well as the repairs that will be needed.

Rotted Shingles

When a homeowner thinks about the threat of their roof rotting, they may assume that this will primarily be a threat to the wooden supports of the roof. However, it is entirely possible for the singles to rot as well. When these start rotting, the protection for the roof will be drastically reduced, and it can quickly advance to the point where the supports start to rot or mold starts growing.

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