Before you get ready for a trip across the country to make a delivery, your truck and the trailer hauling the cargo are going to need to have maintenance done. The truck trailer is important to ensure the delivery can be made safely. The following truck trailer maintenance is going to be needed before you hit the road to make your next cross country delivery:

Checking All The Lights and Electrical Systems

Your trailer's lights and electrical systems are the first areas where you will want to do maintenance. The routine maintenance that needs to be done to lighting and electrical wiring includes:

  • Replacing all signal lights that are not working
  • Checking the quick connect fittings and wiring
  • Inspecting all the wiring for damage that needs to be repaired

These are some of the maintenance tasks that need to be done to your trailer's lighting and electrical wiring before you travel.

Refrigeration Maintenance with Climate Controlled Trailers

Sometimes, the cargo that is being delivered is refrigerated. You want to make sure that everything stays at a consistent temperature. This is done with a refrigeration system on the trailer, which is going to need its own maintenance. The maintenance that refrigerated trailers will need includes:

  • Checking for refrigeration leaks
  • Replacing any damaged door seals
  • Revising the power systems for the refrigeration unit

This is some of the additional maintenance that refrigerated trailers often need before leaving to deliver cargo. If you need help, a trailer maintenance service can help with some of these unique tasks that need to be done.

Inspecting All the Axles and Tires Before Connecting Your Trailer

Your trailer's axles are also essential and will need maintenance before you hit the road to make a delivery. It is important to check to make sure all the axles have been greased and any parts, like bushings, have been replaced. In addition, you want to make sure to check all the tires and change them if they are dry or showing signs of wear.

Dealing with the Air Brake Maintenance Before You Start Traveling

Lastly, the air brakes are also crucial components of trailers needing maintenance before traveling. The brakes need to be checked for issues that need to be repaired before traveling, as well as throughout the trip. It is important to regularly check the trailer brakes for air leaks and other problems that may need to be repaired when trying to make a delivery.

This is some of the maintenance needed before you hit the road to deliver precious cargo. Contact a truck trailer maintenance service and talk to them about getting the maintenance done for your trailer before you leave. For more information, contact a company like A 24-7 Repair Services.