Sometimes, the damage to your home after a storm can cause severe leaks. These problems often lead to serious water damage issues. Therefore, you need to get started with repairs and restorations as fast as possible. The following restoration information will help you deal with the repairs that are needed after storms:

Finding and Repairing the Leaks

The leaks on the exterior of your home need to be repaired before restorations can be completed. Therefore, you need to inspect the exterior for damage. Some of the areas that may be causing problems with water damage include:

  • Roofs with wind damage
  • Damaged exterior finishes
  • Issues with leaks around windows and doors

The leaks cause serious damage when they go unnoticed and water gets in. Therefore, you want to make sure you find and repair all these problems before continuing with the restorations.

Water Removal if Needed

Often, leaks can cause issues with water building up inside your home. This process involves using pumps and hoses to bail the water out of your home. You want to remove any water that is causing puddles. Pump the water out if there are puddles and start ventilating the affected areas. This will ensure everything dries out as you begin repairing the damage.

Demolition of the Damaged Area

The damaged area needs to be completely gutted to do thorough repairs. This process involves the demolition of the damaged materials. The materials that require demolition include:

  • Drywall finishes on walls
  • Damaged HVAC ductwork
  • Carpeting and other flooring materials

Once all the demolition has been done, the area needs to be cleaned up. To continue with the restorations, you should have mold testing done. Before installing the new finishes, you will need a treatment to prevent fungus growth. Remediation will help to prevent any problems with mold damage that start after repairs are completed.

Restorations to Repair the Damage

The restoration process is rebuilding the area that has been damaged. In this step, the new finishes will be installed to complete the repairs. This is also when you will want to consider remediation and waterproofing improvements to prevent future damage. You want to address any issues where your home may be vulnerable. These can be problems with waterproofing, drainage, and ventilation that cause damage.

The issues with water damage to your home can be a problem if you neglect the repairs. Call a water damage restoration service to begin repairing the damage.