Whether you have lived at your home for decades or you only just moved onto your property, you might not have looked for water damage. In fact, you might not realize your home's need for water damage restoration for years after the fact.

Do you want to make sure your home doesn't need water damage restoration? The first step involves determining the age of your damage and its severity. Here's how you can do that.

How Old Is the House?

The age of your home will have a lot to do with whether you need water damage restoration. Your home may have spots of water that are quite old, and they may not indicate that anything new is happening.

It is important that you track water damage you spot, including stains on wood. Take photos to see if they grow bigger, for example. You can show these photos to a professional who can determine if your spot is changing or growing, indicating you need help.

What Does the Water Spot Look Like?

If a water spot has varying colors and rings, it may be older. This indicates that the water damage has had time to dry and then develop again. The issue may have been fixed if you don't see signs of new damage, but new spots indicate you need a professional to assess the damage.

What Does the Water Damage Feel Like?

You may not want to, but it is important to feel the spot. Is it wet? Does the material underneath feel strong and solid? Does it seem like the material has been absorbing water for a long time?

A very mushy spot may indicate that you have had a lot of water damage in one spot for a very long time. This could indicate that you have a bigger problem than you thought at first.

Is There Mold?

Mold and mildew can indicate that you have some serious water damage going on. In addition to restoring structural damage caused by water, you also need to ensure that all mold or mildew is eradicated. It can pose a health risk to your family. Water damage professionals can help with this.

Can a Water Damage Restoration Professional Help You?

Do you still need help with water damage restoration? Not sure if your home needs to be restored? A professional can help. Call a professional today to learn more about water damage restoration.